Whether it is putting something small on an existing piece to "personalize" it or a total change in color and direction with something subtle or something wild and crazy!!  We can do that! 


Poison Designs has been in the window tinting, vehicle or flat glass, since 1999.

Poison Dave has been in the Automotive painting and polishing scene for 30 years!



Come and talk to me and we can chat about what your vision is and make it happen!

I tint, polish, airbrush and a lot more... 

I have been in the automotive and motorcycle field all my life, therefore, automobiles and motorcycles are my life!


Window tinting

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900 St Andrews st Nanaimo BC


poison Designs

I Would Love to Paint Anything You Want to Get Done

I want to make sure your experience with Poison Designs a good one.  

Whether it is a tint, polishing, airbrushing or any custom order, I am working for you.  Please tell me if you are not completely satisfied.   Service and repeat customers have been the foundation and the growth of this business.